Instead I

Went for a jog. Kinda. I’m not very good at it and not very experienced so I went for a walk-jog-walk-jog.
iMapMyRide : 24 Jul 2010 13:02
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1.69 miles in 27.26 minutes. Oh well, everyone has to start somewhere. Fellow Twit @belfastbiker suggested I give a try. Couch to 5k? Worth a look eh?

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20 Comments on “Instead I”

  1. PhilR Says:

    Bet you weren’t as good on the bike as you are now when you first started, it will take time but I have no doubt you’ll get there if you want to 🙂

    • Wowy Says:

      Course I flippin will but first I have to make an Imapmyride Voodoo doll and do inhumane things to it. As for runsaturday app, well I’m even less impressed. grr.

  2. PhilR Says:

    hehe, well I’m looking at a gps tool that was suggested on my blog, found it online for £34 and it has good battery, anywhere from 10 to 60hrs depending on settings, just know I’d find something else to pick at if I got it though so am reluctant 😉
    This one

  3. PhilR Says:

    Aye but that’s not in my budget 😀

    • Wowy Says:

      Nor mine but a girl can dream. still, that device is £60 which is just under half the price of a forerunner on Amazon and the forerunner has so much more, heart rate monitor, a display etc etc.

  4. I heard getrunning was good, but I don’t have an iPhone so ignore me totally.

  5. Wowy Says:

    I love you boys but you have to understand this; I. Just. Must. Have. A. Forerunner.

    It’s like an uncontrollable urge. MMkay?

  6. PhilR Says:

    Just tried iSportsTracker, actually paid for it. Been on my 10miler and it hardly touched the battery, well impressed. What I’m less impressed with is the fact that it won’t upload my track and the support is less than hopeless. They have 2 days to help before I start asking for my money back!!!

  7. JobySp Says:

    Here are some apps to cheer you up:

    Angry Birds
    BBC News
    Code Reader
    iPhone 4 Case Program
    Nike + iPod

    Infact – read up on the last one – might be just what you need.

  8. Dave Telling Says:

    Runkeeper is good, and free. Just need GPS phone.

    I hate running, totally shit at swimming so that just leaves cycling, which I enjoy immensely 😀

    • Wowy Says:

      I love swimming. I used to swim a lot, after work I used to go swim in the channel. Not daft enough to do that in the north sea.

  9. PhilR Says:

    RunKeepeer didn’t work well for me last time I

  10. trio25 Says:

    I have a love-hate relationship with running. It does get me fit quickly though!

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