Lucky Lady

two lifts in one day! My stepdad kindly Dropped me and my bike off at Belsay at silly o’clock this morning so only a 10 mile ride to Stamfordham for me. I still managed to make a wrong turn too, autopiloting it to Ponteland. My thighs are aching from the not quite jogging yesterday. Still, I got to stand around in the wind for three hours marshalling at the Wansbeck CC road race, that helped. Then back to the village hall to fill my water bottle and off I set for home. Just coming past Black Heddon and a fellow Wansbeck member (with a giant car) stopped and offered me a lift home. Yes please.

I’m a bit sick of the MapmyRide App. It loses signal up in Northumberland, I keep forgetting to switch it on and it seems to be eating the battery far more than it used to. Maybe I’m just being a grump.

I’ve had a busy weekend me.

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4 Comments on “Lucky Lady”

  1. danny Says:

    Yes your being a bit of a grump lol

  2. Bob Melrose Says:

    I can’t remember jokes,and when I do I’m crap at telling them.
    So the thing is, I will instead tell you that many Vags asked after you on Saturday.
    The quiet lady was missed!

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