Brockwurst and a Bean

Tuesday we filled the panniers and went to stay at the caravan near my mum. Tuesday night we went to the local for tea. I should know better, I have no strength in my wrists, I certainly can’t hold my body weight, so why did I attempt to ride the kids ariel slide? Because I knew falling on my ass would be fun of course. Though two days on I wasn’t expecting my arms to hurt quite so much. Anyway, I’m having a fun relaxing time. Last night we stayed up till half twelve watching movies. The bean slept in a proper scary caravan bunk bed and has professed such a deep love of brockwurst that he’s had it for every meal.

The bikes are in a lock up but today I’m planning a little run. I think I may be suffering from fat head. Anyway, how are you? What have I missed?

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