This Month's a Bust?

Ok, so I signed up for this weeks August 150- Spreadsheet here August 150.

Pretty much the same idea as the preceding months, 150 leisure miles over August. Well I’m definately not going to be in the top 3 this month. In fact I’m not even sure I’ll make it. Theres a convergence of school holidays, gym miles and nausea at the moment but I do enjoy logging my miles that way and seeing what everyone else has been up to. Why not join in? If a pregnant lass can do it then you definately can.

Speaking of which, I did some research into the excercise thing. Seems the current and common wisdom is that you really should just keep doing what you’ve always done with added caution. Now this includes the writing of the NHS website, although it advises against cycling only because it’s a falling risk. Well so is walking…. Of course they all advise that you should consult a healthcare professional so I did. You’ll be pleased to know that my blood pressure is fine, I’m fit and healthy and I’m at low risk. Oh, and that I emphatically should not cycle more than 1 mile per day. . . Umm.. at a very gentle pace thats 6 minutes of excercise. I tried to get my head round this and questioned it; I was really looking for an explanation, something I could understand, but I was met with a firm opinion. Now I understand that I’m not a professional and I haven’t the benefit of an education and I do respect that fact but that seems I dunno. not right.Of course he also said that he wasn’t a specialist and I should get a second opinion.

So this week I forgot to log my measly 6 miles on the second of the month and all my miles thereafter were indoors at the gym so not a single notch on the spreadsheet yet. Oh well, roll on Saturday.

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15 Comments on “This Month's a Bust?”

  1. PhilR Says:

    Strangely enough I was reading stuff the other day linked from a post elsewhere, BBC Health site says:
    Cycling is good exercise, too. As you get bigger, you’ll find you have to get used to the changes in the distribution of your weight, and you may need to adjust your saddle and handle bars. In late pregnancy, it’s safer to use an exercise bike, in case you fall.

    and other links were:

    A lot say your Doctor will encourage you, obviously haven’t met the person you consulted 😉
    Second opinion time maybe?

  2. Dave Telling Says:

    Holland & Denmark are big on cycling – pregnant woman over there don’t seem to fall off any more often than anyone else, nor do they give up cycling. Although they tend to ride ‘sensible’ bikes; getting down on the drops could be tricky with a big bump 🙂

  3. Emma Rush Says:

    Blimey, I’m slow. Congrats!

    My aunt does a lot of stuff on exercise & pregnancy and recently did a preso on spinning & preggz. You need special raleigh shopper handlebars as you get larger stomach wise. Also pilates is really good for you while pregnant. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

  4. trio25 Says:

    If you already cycle then cycling fine. You shouldn’t start a new exercise regime. But you will find it eventually gets uncomfortable. My friend had to stop after 4months as she was too big – she is expecting twins though. The first tri-mester you can basically train as before its after that you need to adapt. Basically don’t raise your heartrate too high or get too hot as the baby can’t cope. Gentle miles are great though.

    A mile a day? I’d walk if that is as far as I was going. Now the question is had you rode to the Dr’s?

    • Wowy Says:

      I’d walked. Which takes longer but us the same amount of energy per minute as a gentle ride. he advised I looked on a govt website patient co uk but can I heck find anything usefull on there.

  5. Of course you could always get one of those recumbant trikes 🙂 That way you’re laying down and baby is sure to be peaceful

    • Wowy Says:

      Funny you should say that, I tried the gyms recumbent and found it surprisingly uncomfortable. My legs kept jiggling my skin flap (TMI?)

  6. Hi Carrie,

    I’ve just told wifey what the NHS has said about cycling, wifey cycled with me back in the day when she was carrying Fay (who’s now 13), wifey cycled until, and I’m quoting direct from my good lady here “I couldn’t get the bump behind the handlebars!”

    So she says to use your common sense. Mothers and mothers to be normally know best!

    Good luck!



    • Wowy Says:

      Yup, I’m with her totally. It worrys me that someone with less self belief might blindly follow the advice I was given though.

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