Good Morning You Lovely Creatures

What I haven’t really made apparent is just how rough I’ve been feeling for the last week or two. Like really rough, nausea, stinking cold, hit by a train washed out, stotting bad head kind of rough. The tiredness I can live with, I’m used to fighting through the depression induced exhaustion anyway. But what was very frustrating is between that, the school holidays and the extra shifts at work was the complete lack of exercise that was going on. I can’t remember the last time I went from one Saturday to the next barely seeing a bike (ok, so I went across to the yard and back on my tourer with the boy but still).

Yesterday, for pretty much the whole day I felt totally normal, great even. No nausea, no tiredness, no headache, barely a sniffle. The opposite even, I was up at 7:30am and gone midnight was sitting around watching house… I have no idea if it’s related but on Wednesday I went to the gym, did some tread milling, some cycling and I’m sure that helped, as did the walking to my Mams and the bike ride back. It just confirms in my mind, and allays any doubt brought on by the consultation, that sensible exercise is definitely the key to our well-being

Anyway, I miss my bike. A lot. Problem is that I have a child on summer holiday, which would usually be fine but our cupboards are bare, really really bare and I have to work tonight. NO way can I fit a ride into that. So I’m extra looking forward to tomorrow though I am a little nervous too.

I’ve been tracking my calorie intake and my weight daily for the past week. I’m actually finding it hard to eat enough calories some days because all of the things I love are rationed; red wine, blue cheese, coffee… I’ve gained a pound in 24 hours, I’m now about 14st8 and apparently this is in the normal range.

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3 Comments on “Good Morning You Lovely Creatures”

  1. danny Says:

    Hi carrie
    I think our bodys get conditioned to exercise
    I feel wrong if I havnt been out on the bike
    See u tomorrow x

    • Wowy Says:

      I know what you mean. It’s almost like withdrawal symptoms. Still, I’m glad the gym is close to home, at least I can make it there.

  2. LTMWB Says:

    You can imagine how much I missed my bike when I was injured, back to work now back on the bike , which is great but will struggle to do the August 150 as I work nights so when get home to knackered.
    Although feel a lot fitter on the bike, by the gears I use now compared to where I started, but don’t feel I can ride more than 25 miles in one go at the moment.

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