I Miss My Bike

I still haven’t put the summer Focus back together because I’m just that lazy. It’s the most compact of the bikes and I feel I really should get on it before I outgrow it. Bum.

I was just about to write an irreverant “anyone for a bike ride” post when hell started stotting down on the pavement. I’m turning into a big softy eh?

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6 Comments on “I Miss My Bike”

  1. PhilR Says:

    I’m tempted to go out on mine tomorrow in the name of healing. I may just take it round the lake. Would go on the mountain bike if it had working brakes 😀

    Enjoyed the thunder anyway, long time since we’ve had such a good one 😀

  2. Bob Melrose Says:

    There was nee rain and thunder in Gatesheed

  3. We had a downpour in Reading. The sun lounge leaks like a sieve since the ice got in the joints so strategic buckets were employed. At least todays nice.

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