Wet and Windy, What More Could a Girl Want?

I went for a bike ride today. Cos, you know, I’m a cyclist or something 😛 Wanna see? ( I had to map it myself as Morpeth appears as a giant black hole on my phone 😦

A ride mapped on 11/08/2010
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I really enjoyed it, it’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve done any serious cycling outside of the Saturday social. My mate Barrie and I decided on a slow sociable 30 miles or so. And it was. What might have scared me if I hadn’t done my research is the breathlessness, especially on climbs. It felt as though my lungs were already filled half way up with chewing gum, try as I might I struggled to stay on top of my breathing. It’s par for the course I suppose and it wasn’t bad. I knew I had slowed on the climbs already and a little breathlessness seems like a small price to pay considering what some women seems to go through in the first trimester. I swear that it’s the exercise and the sensible eating that are responsible for just how great I feel.

I didn’t even mind getting soaked, actually I quite enjoyed it even if my lovley girly shoes got dirty. It was totally worth it and I’m so glad I got off my bum and into my lycra. OOH, thanks to And I even did it on the new focus. It’s the most compact of the bikes and I wanted to get some rides in before I outgrow it. It’s been a while since I’ve ridden it and I was surprise how quickly I got used to it.

In conclusion; WhOOOOOOP I like my bike 😀

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3 Comments on “Wet and Windy, What More Could a Girl Want?”

  1. PhilR Says:

    Jealous, me, nooooo :p

    Looks a nice ride out. When I’m back on the bike you’ll have to make me a list of cake stops to visit so I can make up for lost time 🙂

  2. Very cool Lass! 🙂

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