I Just Don't Know What To Do

Some of you will know that early last winter we let the tax expire on our car. What we did was take it to my grandads yard and park it up knowing that we both couldn’t afford to tax, test, insure or run it or indeed want it. It turns out unbeknownst to me that my very kind grandfather has MOT’d and maintained it for me. I’ve not missed having a car at all truth be told but I’m tempted to insure it, circumstances being as they are. I can see how a car would be handy in later months and certainly till this baby can hold it’s head (and fit in the tourers child seat). We could maybe just about afford the insurance but I like not having a car. But then if I have a car then when I get bigger I won’t have to beg lifts on Saturday mornings, well I may not need to anyway. Who knows? Arghh. Anyway. Rant over.

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3 Comments on “I Just Don't Know What To Do”

  1. I can completely see in late pregnancy and as a new mother youd want a car or someone with a car to get you around. Id hesitate to say you “need” a car because begging lifts, using the bus, etc is always possible (and cheaper but less convenient).

    The thing is if you are happy now without one – big credits to you for that – then possibly having it back again you may get used to it, and they do cost a lot to run especially is things are tight. Maybe if its been maintained you could sell it and use the cash on travel or the baby?

    • Wowy Says:

      Yeah. We didn’t buy a car till the junior cyclist was three months old, then we lived on the edge of town and they’d cut the bus service. Now we live centrally. I’ve told my grandad to sell it. This is the life I’ve chosen. I love it and I’m committed to it. Now to buy a trailer…..

      • PhilR Says:

        We didn’t get a car till 2008, survived on buses and begged lifts. Now we have 2 but I’m not even sure I need mine. Bev needs hers for work but I’ve done 140 miles in 5 weeks and not all of those miles were mine. I’ve actually done more on the bike lol I’m not sure I could go back to ‘no’ car as it’s handy but I can remember when bus journeys were an adventure to be enjoyed 😀

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