But I Don't Wanna

Have you seen it outside? It’s a little bit wet but when has that ever bothered me? um NOW. I don’t wanna go out and play. Just like yesterday before the gym trip I find I can’t be bothered. What to do? I mean yesterday I went anyway and had a blast…

I wonder if this is just early morning-itis or wether it’s my body telling me to give it a rest.

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4 Comments on “But I Don't Wanna”

  1. Andy Says:

    Just go and do it anyway. Listen to the bit of you who tells you, correctly, that you’ll enjoy it and not the doubting bit that suggests you might not.
    Tracker bar and a cup of coffee says you come back smiling? 🙂

  2. What they said. It’s not your body talking. It’s the little demon on your shoulder.

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