I just get fatter and fatter. 2lb up now. On top of the 2 holiday lb I’d already put on. It’s pretty shocking, like powerlessly watching the reversal of everything you worked so hard to achieve ( not like that, actually that..). What scares me more is that I’ve had a really shattered few days where every time I stood up I felt nauseous, this was dealt with by, well, you know not standing up.

So I’m going to our best mans engagement party tomorrow and I realise I’m out of contact lenses. As I was leaving the house to go get some I paused and went back in to get my helmet and the shed keys. That little ride to the opticians was very very pleasant. Back on the bike tomorrow.

OH, I know this fear is pointless and not really anything I can do about it. I know my weight gain is well within the normal range but you know, sometimes you can be irrational.

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5 Comments on “OhEmmGee”

  1. Stands to reason. You’ve got 2 to look after now

  2. TMWB Says:

    Adrian is spot on Carrie, and has one very great person once said. πŸ™‚

    “I know my weight gain is well within the normal range but you know, sometimes you can be irrational”

    Keep your chin up mate

  3. Emma Rush Says:

    I’m sure it’s not much help, you’ll have thought this already, but remember it’s just for a bit.

    Don’t envy you, I’d be shite at being pregnant. But it’ll be ok. Or so I say.

  4. Lou Says:

    I don’t understand because I’ve never been pregnant but I do know, I think how hard fought the down might have been and how frikking soul destroying the up might be some days, no matter how rational you normally are. Also, hormone increase equals irrationality increase. This much I _do_ know.
    I’m reading backwards for some reason. I should stop doing that and read this the right way around. Absolutely storming blog :O)

    • Wowy Says:

      I’m not miss rationality at the best of times. Your comment made me giggle. I do love those downs. πŸ˜€ Thanks for the compliment.

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