Where Was I?

For the first time ever I’m finding it hard to write stuff. It’s hard to write about cycling when most of it is in the gym (20 minutes treadmill, 20 stationary bike, 20 cross trainer, 10-20 light weights. ish). Most of it is in the gym because it’s less scary than riding the bike for real. I never thought I’d be scared of riding my bike but I am, not for sensible reasons but for the tiredness. most of the time I feel great and then suddenly I’m asleep on the sofa snoring. It’s like slamming into a wall. In the gym I can just stop and wander the 5 minutes home, on the bike if I’m 30 miles from home then I’m 30 miles from home. Ah Ha, now I’ve written it it looks ridiculous. If I took the up the duffness out of the equation then I’d just bimble home slowly.

Which is the other reason for the unusual reticence blogwise. It’s hard to write about the cycling or anything else without banging on about the current state of up the stickness. I find myself kind of unusually not wanting to bore you with my newest piece of narcissism but it’s pervasive in my life and there are all these little things that surprise me. Maybe I naively thought I could just carry on as I was, maybe not, no idea. Do you want to hear what it’s like getting fatter as you cycle? it’s kind of the wrong way round huh? But it isn’t the big things, I’ve evened out gaining a pound so far, my clothes still fit it’s just that I cannot be bothered to ride far and it seems a waste to wash my kit for a little jaunt especially when the gym is so close.

Anyway, this weekend I had aimed to recommence the normal Saturday miles, riding into Ponteland and back home after the ride. Then there’s Sunday, the Great North Bike Ride. The orginal plan was to ride to the Start at Seahouses, complete the ride to Tynemouth and then ride back home, something over 100 miles. Nope, getting a lift to the Start so maybe 60-70 miles for me (that’ll make the August 150 anyway 😀 ). This may or may not be wise but heck, I’m going to try anyway. OH, the GNBR is a charity thing if anyone feels like giving a pregnant cyclist a couple of quid out of sheer admiration.

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10 Comments on “Where Was I?”

  1. I like the added twist to your blog that the up-the-duffness brings. It’s an angle that my blog shall not share. However, please keep birthing details to yourself: we’re men. We know it hurts.

    Good luck and keep posting regardless.

    • Wowy Says:

      Does it? I have to admit to never having had a contraction yet…. The JC was the result of drug aided surgery. I’m not sure about this on either, the morpheine part was great fun though.

  2. Ps. How do we donate to said charity?

  3. PhilR Says:

    Sad you’re not cycling as much as you want but glad you’re gonna complete the #August150. My chances have been blasted out of the water, my step-dad passed away yesterday so days are full of not cycling, I may get in a few miles here and there cycling to see my mam but apart from that I now don’t have it on my list. Ah well!

  4. What? Uptheduffness hurts? Bollocks! I was there for the birth of both my kids and I didn’t need gas and air or anything!

    They gave wifey an epithingymebob for some reason…The wimp…

  5. danny Says:

    Keep blogging mate
    See you for a cuppa 🙂

  6. Super Al Says:

    Keep bloging, I would miss them. Also planning to ride from seaboard and back home.maybe see you at start

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