I'd Like To Thank The Tyne Vags Forum

I’m crap at Photoshop. Well when you live with an expert why do it yourself? But thanks to Roger the man of the website wondery we can now personalise our user profiles with avatars. Well I just gotta have one. (you just do don’t you?) but thanks to the silly expensive camera the HC uses I have no pics of a low enough quality to upload. Good job I don’t give in. I’ve just had ten minutes of brain exercise trying to figure out something that a lot of people must find simple. I did it! yay me. Honestly, I’ve been so thick lately that I’m taking any win I can get. I left my eggs at the fruit shop this morning I’ve been that thick… So there’s a temporary avatar up till I find a one I like. My life is so empty… I think I need a job.

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4 Comments on “I'd Like To Thank The Tyne Vags Forum”

  1. Andy Says:

    “Left me eggs in the fruit shop.” is a great euphemism for those dim-witted moods we all get now and then šŸ™‚

  2. Roger Says:

    Not sure about website wondery – I just put a tick in the right box!

    Now, can anyone really beat an aero hat on a dog?

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