Cooked and Cracking

Todays route (it wont allow me to embed cos it’s eeevil). That plus the ride in adds to 50 miles or so. Actually computer says 51.42 miles at an average of 11.7.

Today was a mystery tour and I should probably have known better than to turn up…

Still this is the first time I’ve attempted to ride in to Ponteland since I found out about the little parasite and erring on the side of caution I set off ridiculously early. I had a very pleasant bimble to Anna’s including the climb up the back road to Berwick Hill. I’m glad I arrived early because it left me plenty of time to rest. Not enough time however. Any ride that contains both a surprise destination and the route planning skills of the EEEEeeevil ClubSec Roger is going to entail UP. Serious UP and lots of it. Apparently one of the odd symptoms of early pregnancy is shortness of breath, no problem on the flats, deffo no problem on the descents, huge problem on the UPs which were never my forte. Cheers Roger, at one point climbing out of the Tyne valley I had to unclip and push. There’s no shame in that, better to live to fight another day and all that, then an amusing hill start; hill starts are a lot harder when you know you are not allowed to fall.

Still, there was a nice stop at can I hell remember what it was called. hee hee, I’m such a thicko. It was a lovely cheese scone though. I was a bit miffed that they’d stopped serving Knickerbocker Glories because I love those things. The ride back was slightly less harrowing but did contain some long drags. I love stopping at Anna’s after a ride for a cuppa and a gas and I had plenty time since I was and still am totally cooked. Andy went to fetch his car because he’s a good friend and took me home where I’m sitting around praying for bedtime to roll round so I can collapse into my bed with that special sigh.

I’m going to need that sleep. Tomorrow I have a 60 some mile ride. It’s the Great North Bike Ride, from Seahouses to Tynemouth and then I’m riding home. It’s organised in aid of childhood cancer and well I figure there are a core of about 70 people who seem to come and visit here day in day out. If each of those people go to and donate £2 that’s £140. That’s a lot of money and I think getting off my bum doing something that admittedly I love but is shattering at the best of times is worth £2 don’t you?

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8 Comments on “Cooked and Cracking”

  1. Mark Kirby Says:

    That was a hard route, got even harder after we left you at the lights.

    I was going to do the great north ride this year but completely forgot about it. Have £20 on me for it. Say hi to everyone for me.

  2. Wowy Says:

    Yeah? try it while incubating! 😛 It was a beautiful route but I think it’ll be a slow ride tomorrow, still it isnt a race.

    Did I read that right? You’re making a donation? That’s fantastic 😀

  3. Mark Kirby Says:

    have given you money should be on your page now. Yeah i can imagine it was hard. I was off the back loads roger had to pace me back at one point. Im sooo unfit.

    Enjoy tomorrow i hope you get nice weather for it.

  4. LTMWB Says:

    Good luck for 2moz for you two 🙂 av a gooden Carrie

  5. PhilR Says:

    I has tried to donate some of my holiday beer money twice but think my connection is too crap, if it doesn’t appear this time remind me next weekend when I’m back at home 🙂

  6. PhilR Says:

    Yeah, paypal is how I tried. Couldn’t pay my phone bill either so I hope they wait too 😀

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