When The Morning Comes

Wanna know how my legs are? They’re ok actually. I maybe have a small ache in my calves of all places but apart from that I feel wholly fine. That’s good.

6 years ago when I was growing the JC I was pretty much a sofa monster so while I’ve been pregnant before this is all new to me. At first I was super cautious and a little frightened and my weekly miles had dropped drastically but as the weeks go on and I gradually do more and more and nothing happens ( I don’t know what I expected anyway..) I feel more confident and safer carrying on. I’m pretty chuffed with the massive amount of support I get from you guys. Out of all of the people I know I’ve had maybe 4 counts of “you should not be cycling” which is actually pretty confidence busting when you’re awash with hormones. Everybody else? Just great. So thanks.

So, the more I do the more I realise that my first instinct and my midwife are right, just keep doing what I do with a side of caution. That being said I’d love to talk to some other women who are/were in my position. That would be nice. Oh, I’m also wondering if anyone has any extra large cycling gear going cheap?

Look up, you see that page marked “caption competition”? well I have a lovely new header picture but that big black space needs some text so there’s a bag of haribo in it for the winner ok? Click here http://www.notthewowy.co.uk/caption-competition/ and get on with it 😀

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