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Disgustingly Prepared and Other Miscellany

September 19, 2010

Yup, with the exception of minor details like a cot, a pushchair and the halving of our bedroom we are right now disgustingly prepared for the parasites arrival. Yup, today I picked up the bike trailer. Yup, I know I wont need it for a while but I just want one OK 😉 It’ll go lovely with the trailer bike and the child seat on reinforced rack right next to the ridiculous bike collection.

Now for the miscellany. I am coming back to the question of when I plan to give up pedalling. I don’t plan to. I’ll be giving up when I feel I have to. Yesterday though it seemed imminent. The little ride out I had after much wrangling and being extra nice to my very pregnant babysitter, well it was not great. I woke up feeling fine, nothing wrong with the world except that I felt like a woman possessed, and not in the good way, there was an enraged bitch (mega cow bitchyness Rarrgh in my head) inside my mouth and a very upset weepy lady in my eyes. Aren’t hormones fab? Now I could see that this was all hormonal but my legs, they weren’t happy either. Still, 29 miles shouldn’t be particularly difficult compared to my usual Saturday miles. But they were and I was in that moment wondering if that time was soon. No legs, no hills, name changed to “offthebackcarrie” (ok, not that much of a change) and it was not nice. I’m not asking for advice or sympathy or anything really. I just like to talk about the stuff that worrys me. I have found that as a form of therapy it’s both cheap and effective as it enables me to perform a mental shrug and get over myself. Go on try it. 😉

Of course I woke up this morning and pretty much immediately facepalmed. No, I’m not physically past it, I’m just thick. I rode Thursday night, marched round town for like 6 hours on friday and then went out on Saturday. Of blummin course I’m going to feel half dead, I’m not superwoman I just think I am.

so two things, a huge apology for those times I can’t keep a lid on it, the bitch is sometimes too strong and feel free to miaow at me. Secondly, it’ll be  a while before you’re even temporarily shot of me, especially since I have some assess to whoop in the Monthly Cycling Challenge.

Actually, three things; Thankyou from the bottom of my wheels to the people who not only put up with me but go out of their way to support me. Thankyou to you guys who always leave words of support and encouragement or alternatively keep me smiling by thoroughly taking the p*55. This little ball of rage loves you.

Whoops, four things: See you tiny few people that have thoroughly peed me off by mostly being 5 faced self absorbed twits? you can go to hell. – well I did warn you about the rage didn’t I? :p


The Thing

September 16, 2010

Here it is. I just cannot get my bum off’f the sofa. I can’t. I don’t wanna, I don’t know. I’m rarely on the bike, I’m barely making it to the gym, I am the cake eating sofa monster. I don’t know if it’s the pregnancy or just lazyness and well, it doesn’t matter because I don’t like it. I’m turning into the thing I take the pee out of, the Fair Weather Cyclist. I mean, people keep asking me when I plan to give up the cycling and I keep telling the “when I can’t anymore” but when exactly is that? I don’t want it to be now but until lunchtime I am good for nothing except cake, there’s always time for cake 😉 After lunch Simon’s home and then it’s suddenly time to go get the boy and my day is pretty much over. When do I fit it in exactly? Once a week isn’t enough for me, all that work, all those hours, all the sweating and working, the falling off the bike at the back gate. That’s what I love, that’s what I’ve worked for and that is something I don’t want to waste. Once a week isn’t enough for my soul. It just isn’t. I guess as I’m over the first 3 months (by all accounts the hard part till the last 3 anyway) it’ll start to ease, I’m certainly not as tired as I was and sometimes lately I’ll even make it past 10 pm before I pass out snoring and that’s with the afternoon nap.

Oh, and the other thing, which is annoying for some I’m sure and actually pretty worrying for if I’m honest is that I’m not getting fat yet. I’ve gained a total of 2lbs, thats 2lbs over 3 months and I promise you I’m an eating machine lately. Cheese, butter, haribo, cheese, butter, haribo, ooooh fruit! Repeat that several times and you have pretty much most of my food thoughts. Oh well, I’m sure it’s a phase and it’ll pass. Surely I’ll start getting really fat soon?

Yup, The Presidents Run

September 12, 2010

Was a nice day out 😀 It all started with the pouring rain… that miraculously disappeared by the time I’d pedalled to Pont. The tournout at Anna’s was impressive and luckily since I’d volunteered to lead a group I didn’t have to. Instead our slow little group set off last for a lovely gentle meander  up to the Smiths at Belsay for a cuppa and then to Stamforham for food and gassing. I was tickled that our little group was referred to as the “laughing group”. hee, we’re too busy gassing to work too hard. That’s why I like riding with the slowest group (well, that and the fact that I’m not that fast like). The spread was pretty nice too but mostly I enjoyed wandering around the pub talking to other club members and their families. The spirit of camraderie was out in force and the group photo was a fantastic jumble of wonderful laughing people. I’m glad I went. All in all I rode about 55 miles but the distance is starting to tell on me, maybe it’s just temporary, maybe it’s that I’ve done very little exercise all week but I find myself tired the day after a long ride lately. I’m a bit sofa’d today, but pleasantly so.

Anyway, good day, well organised, very good company.

4 Miles From Home

September 10, 2010

Oh look, the suns just come out. Typical. With four miles left to make the hundred this month I was supposed to ride today but I woke up in a distinctly bleurgh fettle. Maybe it had something to do with the mental pirate dream I had. Really mental. I’m going to sit on the sofa for a bit waiting for the nausea to pass. I’m glad the days I feel this way are getting fewer and far between. In one way it’s hard because I spend a lot less time on the bike now and that voice in my head is panicking and shouting but I know it’s not worth worrying about. It feels like a tightrope walk, I don’t want to knack or sicken myself but nor do I want to be back at square one come next summer. whinge whinge whinge.

Tomorrow is the annual Presidents Run. Bit of an event apparently and this will be my first one. (next month is the anniversary of my first club ride) I’m looking forward to it.

It’s Gone

September 9, 2010

here: and I’d love to see you there 🙂

Alright, Goats on the Roof

September 6, 2010

Yesterday we met at 9:30 ish for a nice little trot out to Fontburn to visit a recently opened cafe. ( I have to admit I was expecting quite as many people though I had erred on the side of caution and told the cafe to expect 15 of us I wasn’t expecting to be right! There was a lot of us hanging about at Anna’s with 6 people turning out for the sunday clubrun to Elsdon too.

We set off eventually for a lovely and not too lumpy considering the destination, trot across to Fontburn, of course the other 14 very kindly waited at the top of every hill for me. 🙂 The company was fab, the weather was pretty good too. I’m glad I hadn’t put too many layers on. We arrived at the cafe before the classic car rally that was also visiting the cafe and I’m glad we did. My god, you should have seen the portions of cake! big fat gooey brownies and giant flapjack fingers. I ordered a bowl of broccolli and stilton soup that arrived in a bin lid and was so thick you could almost slice it, proper soup. Ok, the service was slightly slow and they ran out of milk jugs and teapots but these are small things for  very pleasant service and quality food plus the cup of coffee was very well made too. The only suggestion I would make would be to maybe change the bread buns but hey, you can’t please everyone can you? Halfway through my soup (which was gone before I looked down, it was that nice, oh my poor stomach) the classic cars started arriving, thanks to lots and lots of big windows we had a lovely view and soon everyone toddled off outside to look at pigs and goats and classic cars.

Then we went home, the weather held nicely though my stomach was uncomfortably full and we stopped at Anna’s for far too long gassing in the sunshine before Cakeface and And escorted me partway home. I took a fairly circuitous route home through Cramlington partly for the strong wind, partly for the sunshine, partly for avoidance of Stakeford bank (cmon, I’d done enough UP) but mostly because I just felt like it. The most amusing part was joining the cycleway at the Bebside roundabout where I got to observe two idiots blocking traffic so they could have a testosterone fit, fer chrissakes grow up man, so one guy waved his arms at you, what the hell can you achieve by getting out of your car and in each others faces? Oh well, on I pootle. I think it may have been the march of the stupid afternoon as I came up East Hartford hill I had the joy of almost running into a cyclist (bingo, a charva,bike too small, no helmet, full blast headphones too.) on the wrong side of the road. He didn’t hear my pleasant warning either. One bonus of coming this way? I get to swing into my Mam’s to fill my water bottle. Luckily my sister and niece were there too and I was furnished with Sunday lunch. Yay. Off I went for home5 miles in along the cycle track and nearly home and things started feeling a little bumpy. Oh joy, puncture. Now half a mile from home I’m thinking that it’d take longer to fix it by the side of the road than to walk home in the sunshine so now I have a puncture to fix.

so yes, 60 miles of niceness, 96 this weekend. All of them fun fun fun. What did you do?

Tired Little Legs

September 5, 2010

Well they are.

Happy face too. 60 miles with some of my favourite people in pleasant weather. Come back tomorrow and maybe I’ll be awakeish to write about it.