I’m very lucky. Every Saturday I get to go out and have social riding time with my club. It means leaving the house at 8am and not getting back till 3pm. Simon only gets 1 Saturday in 6 off so what happens the rest of the time? Well I have a wonderful babysitter whom the Junior Cyclist loves. But she’s also pregnant and can generally only stay till lunch which works out perfectly cos Simon’s home by then. This weekend he’s away and I’m sad because the ride is to Brocksbushes, the land of infinite cake šŸ˜¦ Oh well.

So Andy’s on his way to put a rack on my tourer. It’s a special rack that a child seat fits on. I hope the boy still fits in it, he’s so blummin tall you see. If he does I’m excited about riding to Ponteland with him tomorrow for the clubs Open 10 mile time trial.

And then on to Sunday. I’m really looking forward to Sunday. Sunday is club run day but that’s a bit to far and too fast for me. There’s an interesting cafe just opened (they have a blogĀ ) but the general consensus is that the ride may be just a touch too much for a Saturday so we’ve arranged a little trot out there on Sunday. It’s a bit lumpy but I’m really looking forward to it. Really Really.

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2 Comments on “Preparations”

  1. PhilR Says:

    Good luck on the bike seat fitting and height issues. I’m hoping to get out on the bike for a few short runs over the weekend before returning to work on Monday, I think I’m now fat(ter) and unfit(er) so not looking forward to my first day back in almost a month šŸ˜€

    On a side note, stepdads funeral in Dudley yesterday and as the cars were pulling away from the church a guy came round the corner on his bike, Vags top on, he stopped and waited and removed his hat, was nice to see šŸ™‚ (If I recall correctly he was an older gent, small greyish beard and glasses, riding a black Giant roadbike, I was behind so didn’t get a good look)

  2. LTMWB Says:

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you mate šŸ™‚ av a great time Carrie

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