Yup, The Presidents Run

Was a nice day out πŸ˜€ It all started with the pouring rain… that miraculously disappeared by the time I’d pedalled to Pont. The tournout at Anna’s was impressive and luckily since I’d volunteered to lead a group I didn’t have to. Instead our slow little group set off last for a lovely gentle meander Β up to the Smiths at Belsay for a cuppa and then to Stamforham for food and gassing. I was tickled that our little group was referred to as the “laughing group”. hee, we’re too busy gassing to work too hard. That’s why I like riding with the slowest group (well, that and the fact that I’m not that fast like). The spread was pretty nice too but mostly I enjoyed wandering around the pub talking to other club members and their families. The spirit of camraderie was out in force and the group photo was a fantastic jumble of wonderful laughing people. I’m glad I went. All in all I rode about 55 miles but the distance is starting to tell on me, maybe it’s just temporary, maybe it’s that I’ve done very little exercise all week but I find myself tired the day after a long ride lately. I’m a bit sofa’d today, but pleasantly so.

Anyway, good day, well organised, very good company.

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4 Comments on “Yup, The Presidents Run”

  1. cakeface Says:

    It was a great day out. For me the Saturday rides are more about the company, the miles are a bonus. Enjoy your sofa day chick. X

  2. LTMWB Says:

    Glad you had a gooden πŸ™‚

    55 miles and you in child you put me to shame 😦 Carrie

    Enjoy your sofa mate πŸ™‚

  3. Good effort Carrie, glad you’re still rolling along!

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