Disgustingly Prepared and Other Miscellany

Yup, with the exception of minor details like a cot, a pushchair and the halving of our bedroom we are right now disgustingly prepared for the parasites arrival. Yup, today I picked up the bike trailer. Yup, I know I wont need it for a while but I just want one OK 😉 It’ll go lovely with the trailer bike and the child seat on reinforced rack right next to the ridiculous bike collection.

Now for the miscellany. I am coming back to the question of when I plan to give up pedalling. I don’t plan to. I’ll be giving up when I feel I have to. Yesterday though it seemed imminent. The little ride out I had after much wrangling and being extra nice to my very pregnant babysitter, well it was not great. I woke up feeling fine, nothing wrong with the world except that I felt like a woman possessed, and not in the good way, there was an enraged bitch (mega cow bitchyness Rarrgh in my head) inside my mouth and a very upset weepy lady in my eyes. Aren’t hormones fab? Now I could see that this was all hormonal but my legs, they weren’t happy either. Still, 29 miles shouldn’t be particularly difficult compared to my usual Saturday miles. But they were and I was in that moment wondering if that time was soon. No legs, no hills, name changed to “offthebackcarrie” (ok, not that much of a change) and it was not nice. I’m not asking for advice or sympathy or anything really. I just like to talk about the stuff that worrys me. I have found that as a form of therapy it’s both cheap and effective as it enables me to perform a mental shrug and get over myself. Go on try it. 😉

Of course I woke up this morning and pretty much immediately facepalmed. No, I’m not physically past it, I’m just thick. I rode Thursday night, marched round town for like 6 hours on friday and then went out on Saturday. Of blummin course I’m going to feel half dead, I’m not superwoman I just think I am.

so two things, a huge apology for those times I can’t keep a lid on it, the bitch is sometimes too strong and feel free to miaow at me. Secondly, it’ll be  a while before you’re even temporarily shot of me, especially since I have some assess to whoop in the Monthly Cycling Challenge.

Actually, three things; Thankyou from the bottom of my wheels to the people who not only put up with me but go out of their way to support me. Thankyou to you guys who always leave words of support and encouragement or alternatively keep me smiling by thoroughly taking the p*55. This little ball of rage loves you.

Whoops, four things: See you tiny few people that have thoroughly peed me off by mostly being 5 faced self absorbed twits? you can go to hell. – well I did warn you about the rage didn’t I? :p

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7 Comments on “Disgustingly Prepared and Other Miscellany”

  1. Danny Winthorpe Says:

    Ha ha,,
    You were a bad tempered bitch, x

  2. Haha, I’m as you know a time served married man, who is married to red head no less. Actually I’m married to a cliche red head. You know the type? Volcanic temper, holds a grudge, never forgets a slight, no matter how minor? Is only one step away from being an axe murderer.

    What I’m trying to say badly, is to fill your boots, I’m aware only too well of hormones and I know it’s always a spur of the moment can’t help it kind of thing. Anyway, I was a S

  3. Doh!!!! Fat fingers!!!!!

    I’ve started so I’ll finish…

    Anyway, I was a Squaddie for 12 years and I was insulted by experts who did it for a living, nothing you girls can say or do will be as bad as that!

  4. Dave Telling Says:



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