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The Diabetic Cyclist? (Not You Philllll)

October 28, 2010

I went for a ride today with And. It was a bit of an impromptu affair brought on by facebook chat, boredom and the nagging fact that I hadn’t seen saddle for about a fortnight. It just felt wrong and a little itchy. With the lights fitted and me suited and booted off I pootled to Stannington to meet And. We had a lovely sedate pootle round and then home. The ride totalled 26 miles and the wind was stronger than it looked. It’s testament to how quickly I’ve slowed down that I averaged 10 mph and am a little stiff and tired but happy.

When I was pregnant with the Junior Cyclist I developed a form of diabetes that happens only in pregnancy. I’m actually not sure how likely it is to recurr but the doctors tell me the risk is quite high. Anyway, that’s why I started cycling. I didn’t want to develop type 2 diabetes as that’s a risk. Yup, I had a point. I’m not diabetic yet but I have my first appointment at the diabetic clinic on Wednesday and I’m wondering what it’s for? I can’t actually remember what happened last time. I think I get some bumph like a diet sheet and last time they gave me a blood sugar monitor. Well we’ll find out anyway eh? Wish me luck.



October 27, 2010

I’m not writing because I’m  not riding. Two weeks and nothing. I’m not quite as itchy as I usually would be either.

Saturdays going to be torture isn’t it?

Who Is Chasing Legends?

October 22, 2010

I went to the Tyneside Cinema with some fellow club members last night to see Chasing Legends: sitting there in the cinema pretty much gripped by a fantastic piece of camera work with a brilliant subject I fully realised something that I haven’t given much thought to. My husband whom I usually dubb the Household Cyclist is a fantastic photographer, I consider him a pro on the way and examining the camera work as he’s shown me I twigged with a thump. He’s not the household cyclist. I am. Wow, that’s a big thing. In a small way it makes me a little sad, just as I join him in his hobby after 6 or so years of complete disinterest off he goes immersed instead in this driving passion for pictures and I don’t get to share this with him in quite the way I expected. But the big way? As he explains composition to me and I watch his work progress I feel immensely proud of him, the hours he pours into it, the day trips to London and Belfast, the hours of attention minutely adjusting each photograph. He makes something beautiful, couldn’t stop if he tried and that drive is something I do understand. When you do something not only because you want to but almost as if you have to.


October 18, 2010

Grrr bloody spam. Grr bloody everything.

I went to see the midwife today. Everythings fine.

I went out for a ride with the boy on Saturday, stuck the tagalong on and went off to Stannington to meet the club for lunch. 18 miles that little boy did with me, pedalling me up the hills. I’m very proud of him and I’d like to do it again, which is good ‘cos so would he. Then Sunday I was supposed to go on a little jaunt with some other club members. I woke up with pain and tiredness, got to the end of the street and went home. The ride was passing through Morpeth so I decided to meet them en route. 37 some miles and I left them as they headed towards Linton just a mile or so from home. Thats it. That’s all I have to say right now.

These Two Gumshoes.

October 12, 2010

Well I’m still pedalling, got a busy weekend ahead of me. I’m going to ride to Ponteland Saturday, ride with the club to Stannington then go straight home. Makes sense, saves me cadging a lift and also means the poor Household Cyclist isn’t stuck with a hyperactive 5 year old all afternoon. Actually that’s something that I’ve been dwelling on a bit. Over the last year I think I’ve missed at the most 6 saturday rides. that every week Simon gives up the remains of his Saturday for me. Last Saturday I asked the babysitter not to come because it was Simons day off, he gets 1 Saturday off in 6. I know I whinge but thats quite a sacrifice. he says nothing when on a Sunday all I’m good for is monopolising our only sofa too. He’s a quiet man and I do often joke about him being a miserable git. But the support of my family, however quiet and subtle is there. My husband, my son; both of them. I’m proud of them.

I’m not retiring yet either. We’re planning a nice sociable ride out to Widdrington Farm Shops on Sunday too. Anyone fancy joining me?

Grarg and stuff

October 10, 2010

I actually do have all sorts of stuff I want to tell you about but today seems to be a hormonal freakery kind of day. Lets see what I can get out before the meh sets in.

1) Of all the things that could temporarily stop me cycling I never once thought about back pain. Still, Andy’s lifted my handlebars so maybe that will help. Either way I may have just fully realised that my days are numbered. Oh well, on the up side I don’t actually know what that number is.

2)  Far as I can see yesterday was my anniversary Vags ride, one year ago I went out for my first ever club ride and it was so torturous that I swore I was never coming back. Guess what I did the week after? And every week after that? OOh, bonus points if you can guess who the ride leader was yesterday??

3) I’m actually kind of glad the weather is turning for the worse. My Vags jersey is just slightly too snug and now I have an excuse to haul out the slightly bigger winter kit thank god. (if anyone has some uber huge cycling gear going spare I’d be the grateful lady)

4) umm, I’m sure there was something else..Oh, I nearly forgot, Glorious Old Ray would not be impressed. In an end of an era type thing Anna’s cafe is closed now, it should be re-opening in a month or two as a Gormans chippy. For the moment we are meeting in Anna’s car park anyway. Not ideal in the rain so on the way back to Ponteland yesterday G.O. Ray said he’d like to scout out a cafe in Ponteland as a meeting point for cyclists, not just on Saturdays but all through the week. So we popped to Poppy’s in the shopping precinct for a cuppa on the way home. It’s was nice, plenty space for bikes, an open back door to the car park (map here ). Nice staff too, opens half eight but closed on Sundays. Just thought I’d mention it in case anyone’s looking for a place to meet.

5) I’m still feeling really sort of lazy. Going from riding one or two hundred miles a week to barely scraping forty just feels a bit wrong. Still, it’s not worth panicking over and to be fair for a normal person (you know, not a nutter) that’s a massive distance. My resting heart rate is about 58 beats a minute now, a climb of 5 BPM, I know that resting heart rate generally climbs during pregnancy but I have no idea what’s normal, my weight is staying steady anyway. I’ve gained about 2lbs so far though I’m sure that’ll start to accelerate soon.

Oh, well that wasn’t too bad was it? I do have a Saturday photo but I haven’t yet figured a way to get it off my temporary phone 😦

The Up The Down The Bump

October 6, 2010

I went out on my bike yesterday. Miracle eh? I have resigned myself to sacrificing speed and can almost quite happily just get to where I’m going, in this case Gosforth. Gosforth, on the winter bike, the one I couldn’t be bothered to actually fit the computer I bought specially for it. Yup, sometimes its fun not knowing how far or how fast. Yet I was shocked when I reached Ands house at quarter to one. That can’t be right? I’m sure I left at ten. Thanks And for fitting my computer and lending me your car ( I had a cot to aquire and my car it went kablooey after about 4 miles on the road). So I drove home in my sexy lady shoes and winter cycling kit combo (I’ll tell you about that in a bit) and switched on the computer to map my route, it came to about 17 miles into a headwind mostly gently uphill. Wait, there’s our morning facebookery… oh, it must have been after eleven when I left. Oh, that’s not too bad for a fat lass eh?

Now my kit. I’m kinda glad I was a little bit rounder last winter, means theres a bit space in my winter kit. Good cos I’m poor now 😀 Oddly so far I haven’t really gained a great deal of weight, I still weigh myself every day and keep the results, I’m fluctuation between my usual weight and about three pounds up and then down, up and then down. But I’m starting to look and feel distinctly bumpy. Andy couldn’t really understand why that would bother me and why I was happy that my winter kit seemed to de-emphasise this. Well heres why; I have a memory and my first thought when the bumpyness became apparent was “Yay, it’s I’m a stranger. Oohh there’s a bump, surely it’s my right nay duty to poke prod or rub this random stranger/ semi-aquaintance. That’ll make Carrie love me” Uh, no. Just no. If I wanted to be touched by a random stranger I’d be standing on the street bloody corner and I’d at least make you pay for it.

Was that ranty enough?