For the Love of Bob

I haven’t died or given up or anything, normal service will resume shortly I hope. I just, youknow, I don’t know. It’s all gone a bit wooly. Kinda…

Anyway, I did ride today and as illustration on the woolyness I have no idea of the stats. Maybe 20 miles? So woolly in fact that I drove (yes, drove. I just dont have the stamina for the 70 mile days 😦 ) almost to Ponteland before realising that the shoes I was driving in wouldn’t be much good with look pedals….. Yes I made the trip twice. Yay, oh it gets better. I arrived at the cafe stop, unwrapped my baggie to see that apparently my subconscious had decreed that money was unnecessary… yay. I’m lucky that I have such lovely friends who treat me to coffee and cake.

Still, it was a nice ride out and tomorrow is the hill climb.

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3 Comments on “For the Love of Bob”

  1. Glad you’re back mate. Stay cool! 🙂

  2. Bob Melrose Says:

    Yes that is the nicest blog title I have seen. Just got out of the hottest bath I could bear, to try and cure the hypothermia that ensued from the trip out to the ‘Hill Climb’.
    I cannot rember being as wet through and cold with it!!!!!!!
    Wisely decided to keep my head ruling my heart and therefore no number was pinned to my back. Good decision, cos I fell off on one of the ‘bendy bits’. I’m going to blame the running water and wet leaves, but then again did anyone else fall off? NO. So maybe next year, when I can ride the bike without stabilisers.
    Did I say what a lovely title…………..

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