Must Be Mad

Yup, I could have just put my costume on and gone swimming. it’d be drier…

I’m glad I drove to the Club hill climb. Major bonus points to those who rode from home to Pont, to the climb just outside Hexham. I had fun and there were a few cold and wet riders, I’m eagerly awaiting the results as apparently the paper needed drying out.

Sitting back at Anna’s with the few dry people left we were chatting and drinking our last ever cup of Anna’s fabulous coffee when I sort of stepped back out of myself and wondered “how did I get here?” I don’t think even a year ago I thought I’d be here doing this, for fun! Standing in the cold and the rain, getting out of bed early every weekend to not always even ride a bike. Mind, I never thought I’d be a cyclist either, that’s the Household Cyclists kinda thing. Here I am, among friends and a better bunch of people I don’t know and don’t want. So far this pregnancy is so markedly different from the last and so am I and I don’t think that would be so without you. So, as my first year as a club member the AGM is on it’s way and I’ve been trying to figure out who my nomination for Club Person of the Year should go to. The problem is that there are so many people in the club really putting the work in, sportingly, supportively, personally. There are an awful lot of people I count as being the cornerstones of my club, people who make the Tyneside Vagabonds the club that it is. It’s a tough one alright.

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7 Comments on “Must Be Mad”

  1. Roger Says:

    HC results up on the website now!

    Double bonus to those who rode both ways of course…

  2. welshcyclist Says:

    You seem to be in an excellent place, and woderful state of mind.

  3. JobySp Says:

    Can you nominate yourself?

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