The Up The Down The Bump

I went out on my bike yesterday. Miracle eh? I have resigned myself to sacrificing speed and can almost quite happily just get to where I’m going, in this case Gosforth. Gosforth, on the winter bike, the one I couldn’t be bothered to actually fit the computer I bought specially for it. Yup, sometimes its fun not knowing how far or how fast. Yet I was shocked when I reached Ands house at quarter to one. That can’t be right? I’m sure I left at ten. Thanks And for fitting my computer and lending me your car ( I had a cot to aquire and my car it went kablooey after about 4 miles on the road). So I drove home in my sexy lady shoes and winter cycling kit combo (I’ll tell you about that in a bit) and switched on the computer to map my route, it came to about 17 miles into a headwind mostly gently uphill. Wait, there’s our morning facebookery… oh, it must have been after eleven when I left. Oh, that’s not too bad for a fat lass eh?

Now my kit. I’m kinda glad I was a little bit rounder last winter, means theres a bit space in my winter kit. Good cos I’m poor now πŸ˜€ Oddly so far I haven’t really gained a great deal of weight, I still weigh myself every day and keep the results, I’m fluctuation between my usual weight and about three pounds up and then down, up and then down. But I’m starting to look and feel distinctly bumpy. Andy couldn’t really understand why that would bother me and why I was happy that my winter kit seemed to de-emphasise this. Well heres why; I have a memory and my first thought when the bumpyness became apparent was “Yay, it’s I’m a stranger. Oohh there’s a bump, surely it’s my right nay duty to poke prod or rub this random stranger/ semi-aquaintance. That’ll make Carrie love me” Uh, no. Just no. If I wanted to be touched by a random stranger I’d be standing on the street bloody corner and I’d at least make you pay for it.

Was that ranty enough?

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2 Comments on “The Up The Down The Bump”

  1. Plenty, good effort… πŸ˜‰

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