Grarg and stuff

I actually do have all sorts of stuff I want to tell you about but today seems to be a hormonal freakery kind of day. Lets see what I can get out before the meh sets in.

1) Of all the things that could temporarily stop me cycling I never once thought about back pain. Still, Andy’s lifted my handlebars so maybe that will help. Either way I may have just fully realised that my days are numbered. Oh well, on the up side I don’t actually know what that number is.

2)  Far as I can see yesterday was my anniversary Vags ride, one year ago I went out for my first ever club ride and it was so torturous that I swore I was never coming back. Guess what I did the week after? And every week after that? OOh, bonus points if you can guess who the ride leader was yesterday??

3) I’m actually kind of glad the weather is turning for the worse. My Vags jersey is just slightly too snug and now I have an excuse to haul out the slightly bigger winter kit thank god. (if anyone has some uber huge cycling gear going spare I’d be the grateful lady)

4) umm, I’m sure there was something else..Oh, I nearly forgot, Glorious Old Ray would not be impressed. In an end of an era type thing Anna’s cafe is closed now, it should be re-opening in a month or two as a Gormans chippy. For the moment we are meeting in Anna’s car park anyway. Not ideal in the rain so on the way back to Ponteland yesterday G.O. Ray said he’d like to scout out a cafe in Ponteland as a meeting point for cyclists, not just on Saturdays but all through the week. So we popped to Poppy’s in the shopping precinct for a cuppa on the way home. It’s was nice, plenty space for bikes, an open back door to the car park (map here ). Nice staff too, opens half eight but closed on Sundays. Just thought I’d mention it in case anyone’s looking for a place to meet.

5) I’m still feeling really sort of lazy. Going from riding one or two hundred miles a week to barely scraping forty just feels a bit wrong. Still, it’s not worth panicking over and to be fair for a normal person (you know, not a nutter) that’s a massive distance. My resting heart rate is about 58 beats a minute now, a climb of 5 BPM, I know that resting heart rate generally climbs during pregnancy but I have no idea what’s normal, my weight is staying steady anyway. I’ve gained about 2lbs so far though I’m sure that’ll start to accelerate soon.

Oh, well that wasn’t too bad was it? I do have a Saturday photo but I haven’t yet figured a way to get it off my temporary phone 😦

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5 Comments on “Grarg and stuff”

  1. LTMWB Says:

    Wish I could barely scrape 40 miles a week mate and I am on me bike on me own I am not carrying an unborn cyclist 😉

    Take care and look after yourself matey

  2. I might quote that liberally, that “You’d be amazed what you can do when you don’t know what’s impossible” thing. Can I? Thanks. 😉

  3. That’s a yes, then 🙂

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