These Two Gumshoes.

Well I’m still pedalling, got a busy weekend ahead of me. I’m going to ride to Ponteland Saturday, ride with the club to Stannington then go straight home. Makes sense, saves me cadging a lift and also means the poor Household Cyclist isn’t stuck with a hyperactive 5 year old all afternoon. Actually that’s something that I’ve been dwelling on a bit. Over the last year I think I’ve missed at the most 6 saturday rides. that every week Simon gives up the remains of his Saturday for me. Last Saturday I asked the babysitter not to come because it was Simons day off, he gets 1 Saturday off in 6. I know I whinge but thats quite a sacrifice. he says nothing when on a Sunday all I’m good for is monopolising our only sofa too. He’s a quiet man and I do often joke about him being a miserable git. But the support of my family, however quiet and subtle is there. My husband, my son; both of them. I’m proud of them.

I’m not retiring yet either. We’re planning a nice sociable ride out to Widdrington Farm Shops on Sunday too. Anyone fancy joining me?

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3 Comments on “These Two Gumshoes.”

  1. PhilR Says:

    …and I do often joke about him being a miserable git.

    Oh, those were jokes? 😉

    I caught my bike silently sobbing in the corner the other day, I must make more effort, however I need to find warm stuff to wear!

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