Grrr bloody spam. Grr bloody everything.

I went to see the midwife today. Everythings fine.

I went out for a ride with the boy on Saturday, stuck the tagalong on and went off to Stannington to meet the club for lunch. 18 miles that little boy did with me, pedalling me up the hills. I’m very proud of him and I’d like to do it again, which is good ‘cos so would he. Then Sunday I was supposed to go on a little jaunt with some other club members. I woke up with pain and tiredness, got to the end of the street and went home. The ride was passing through Morpeth so I decided to meet them en route. 37 some miles and I left them as they headed towards Linton just a mile or so from home. Thats it. That’s all I have to say right now.

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2 Comments on “no”

  1. Toby Field Says:

    It really surprises me how far kids can cycle. Mine are 6 and 10 and can go much further than I’d ever expect. It’s great when they want to do it all again too. My 6 year old was a bit miffed recently when he got a puncture on the way home and had to walk with his bike đŸ˜¦

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