The Diabetic Cyclist? (Not You Philllll)

I went for a ride today with And. It was a bit of an impromptu affair brought on by facebook chat, boredom and the nagging fact that I hadn’t seen saddle for about a fortnight. It just felt wrong and a little itchy. With the lights fitted and me suited and booted off I pootled to Stannington to meet And. We had a lovely sedate pootle round and then home. The ride totalled 26 miles and the wind was stronger than it looked. It’s testament to how quickly I’ve slowed down that I averaged 10 mph and am a little stiff and tired but happy.

When I was pregnant with the Junior Cyclist I developed a form of diabetes that happens only in pregnancy. I’m actually not sure how likely it is to recurr but the doctors tell me the risk is quite high. Anyway, that’s why I started cycling. I didn’t want to develop type 2 diabetes as that’s a risk. Yup, I had a point. I’m not diabetic yet but I have my first appointment at the diabetic clinic on Wednesday and I’m wondering what it’s for? I can’t actually remember what happened last time. I think I get some bumph like a diet sheet and last time they gave me a blood sugar monitor. Well we’ll find out anyway eh? Wish me luck.

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11 Comments on “The Diabetic Cyclist? (Not You Philllll)”

  1. PhilR Says:

    Good Luck, to start with 🙂

    I also got to go out on the bike today, not as far as you, I only managed 16 miles but yes the wind was much stronger than it looked, on the open road it would come over the fields and alost blow me over.

    Hopefully I’ll get out some more over the weekend, improvising warm gear was interesting, thin t-shirts under cycling top and jacket and pyjama bottoms under track suit pants tucked into my socks to keep out the wind, toastie! 😀

  2. Stick to high GI foods and exercise whenyou can. Your body’s under strain for sure but fingers crossed for you.

    But seriously, if you get diabetes when pregnant, watchout for it in 20 years, it creeps up on you that nasty Type 2 stuff.

    Just find a diabetic friend and borrow their blood glucose monitor once in a while.

    Good luck!

  3. Well Im Type 2 diabetic, although it was Pancreatic surgery that caused it. They’ll probably tell you what foods to eat favourably and what to avoid where possible, give you a blood glucose monitor and possibly a diary to log your results in. Oh and you’ll probably have to give a urine sample while there. They may give you a prescription for some Metformin tablets in case your blood sugars increase.

    Make sure they advise your GP to add the test strips and needles for the monitor to your record of medication. The ones with the monitor wont last long and youll need more and I guess you ought to get them free on the NHS like I do.

    One thing to take care of from now on – but tell your consultant at the clinic this and get their advice. My suggestion is to take some glucose sweets or similar with you when you go out / do any “strenuous” exercise from now on. The last thing you want to get is a low blood sugar count when your miles from anywhere with no quick sugar substitute to get into your blood. Trust me its not a pleasant thing to happen.

  4. Lost Says:

    Gestational diabetes often disappears again once the child is born, as you found out with the junior cyclist.

    Hope things go okay at the clinic and it’s all just precautionary. However, you have got some good advisors on here for any concerns 🙂

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