In October

This month I rode 200 miles. For me that’s not a lot but I feel good about it. It’s only when I talk to uncyclists that I realise that that’s still considered a long way. This Saturday I’m not riding with my club as I have to go watch some people get married. I am contemplating getting up ridiculously early and riding with the Junior Cyclist through to Ponteland to meet the club for a cuppa and then back home. That would be the longest ride the boy has done on his pedals, it’s about 36. I would be looking forward to it weather permitting. Anyone fancy a midweek ride, day or night?

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3 Comments on “In October”

  1. Damn, you could’ve come out with me tonight. Only 400 miles round trip, or so. Next Tuesday ok?

  2. Bob Melrose Says:

    I would love to accompany you on a cycle ride next week. Cannot be Monday as I am having my school photograph taken (seriously).
    Thursday morning would be good for me. I can drive over towards yours, so you don’t have the ride to Pont.

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