I Rode a Bike Today

Yes, it’s definately becoming an event. The days when I don’t ride certainly outnumber those when I do now which is a shame because once I’m out I enjoy it. I didn’t get far, And had ridden down to meet me and 10 miles in put a hole in his new tyre so he went home and I went to collect my finally (possibly) fixed car. Fifteen miles but I enjoyed them.

Oh yeah. The diabetic clinic? That was interesting. I met the same diabetic nurse who cared for me last time and in light of my “massive weight loss” (her words, seriously) and the very low weight gain (about 2lbs so far) she’s optimistic. They’ve booked me in for 1 extra scan at 28 weeks, given me a monitor and instructions to test myself a couple of times a week if alls fine and to phone them if it starts to rise, that’s it! That’s great. They even scheduled my scan in the middle of my anti-d injection so I don’t have to go twice. I’m well pleased with that. No diabetes yet for this fat lass. Still, I’ll keep you posted on that eh?

Well, it’s half way over, I’m half way to being able to drink nice wine and stuff, half way to starting to ride my bike like a loon again, I really am looking forward to it but really really I’m growing bigger by the day so I’ve decided to take every mile as a very slow gift from here on in. On the good news front I’m still on the winter bike so there’s still the tourer to move onto.

Anyone fancy a midweek ride?

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2 Comments on “I Rode a Bike Today”

  1. Emma Rush Says:

    What is an “anti-d injection”

    • Wowy Says:

      good question, my blood group is O negative, if the baby isn’t O negative your body wont be happy so they give you injections to stop that because theyve no way of knowing the babys blood group until it comes out.

      This appointment takes half a day because they have to draw blood and test the blood for antibodies before they give you the injection. So I’m to go and get bloods taken then have my scan then go back for the Anti-d.

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