The Explosion

Oooh, more spam. Seriously how can anyone do anything but laugh at such cunningly worded spam as “Completely I share your opinion. In it something is also I think, what is it good idea” cheers, and binned.

Alright, now for the seriousness of what I wanted to write about.

That would be my weight tracking for the last 30 days ( it used to give you any time frame you chose but I stopped paying for it). Yup, you can see the BOOM of the upwards path. Ok so it isn’t huge but it is rapid, as of maybe a week ago I’d gained a total of 2lbs. Yes yes yes, I know it’s natural and blah blah blah… but here’s the thing; Half of my brain realises that it is entirely normal but the half of my brain that has worked so hard to not be fat is also naturally kind of panicking. It’s ok. I can deal with it. I know at 14 stone I still wasn’t exactly skinny but I was still a good 2 stone smaller (and a whole 4 dress sizes) and I was holding it. yay me. But yes i do understand that I am going to gain some weight but I totally reserve the right to whinge about it ok?

Right, you friends of mine, I love you all. I’m always grateful for the support and stuff but really, I don’t want to hear how “normal” it is. Far as I can see normal is whatever happens next. At my weight apparently the health service aim for a total gain of no more than 15 lbs and any significant weight gain is only expected in the last 10 weeks or so. I really don’t want to hear any of the following phrases again;

” eating for 2″ (ffs, one of us is teeny)

“it’s all baby” No, right now it’s all me.

“it’ll come off eventually” Some of it will but any more will be hard work, I know this, I’ve done this before ok?

“You shouldn’t worry about it” Cheers, cos I didn’t know that…..

Oh yes and the last and by far most infuriating one… “Be Careful” Do you people not know me? Like at all 😛

All they do is make me pay attention to what you’re saying and not my own instincts which are usually pretty good. Take Friday… Thursday night I went to turbo, watched my heart rate, took it easy in a perceived exertion way then I had 2 people whose opinion I trust and that I truly like tell me to be careful. Add the hormones and I spent most of Friday worrying about my little parasite, so much so that I called the midwife. Everything was fine, there’s the heartbeat, here’s the scan. All fine, just as my instincts were telling me. I’m glad I did though, they’ve directed me to the physio drop in for the aches in the bump and the joint pain. Anyway, I love you all and I really do appreciate the support and I also know you do it out of genuine concern but bear in mind I’m a hormonal nutjob right now ok?

Oh, on the subject of taking it easy this month so far I’ve ridden a grand total of just 15 miles, what do you think about that?

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5 Comments on “The Explosion”

  1. Roger Says:

    Whoever said you were normal?

  2. That’s me buggered for words of wisdom then. You’ve just shit on every helpful piece of advice (read cliche) I’ve ever given!

    Err, (desperately seeking inspiration now), nope, epic fail, never had an original thought ever, so…Ready for this?


  3. John's other half Says:

    For me it really was all baby, our first weighed in @ 11lbs don’t want to give you nightmares but!

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