Bring Me Cake

You know what I hate? Living with a randomly knacked wireless router and snapping the clip on my cable. grr, everything I try to do takes sixteeen attempts cos the frackin thing has slid out by half a flipping millimetre or something. grr, arrgh. Gah. AAaaand there it goes again…. Somebody somewhere must have a giant wodge of money to give me? Surely this is a substandard way to live?

I went to the Glorious Old Ray’s turbo session last night. 18 of us in a tiny community centre with scraps of carpets and old turbo trainers. I make no secret of being a turbo hater usually but it’s a hell of a lot more fun like that. No thinking needed. I really enjoyed it last night, especially since the giant tubigauze appears to have solved the jiggly pain problem. Right now it’s about the only bike riding I’m doing but I’m sure that’ll pass, I’m not ready to stop yet.

Oh the cake, bring it, let me sniff it because I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to eat it for and have a bit yourself ok?

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