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Updateyness Sortof

December 5, 2010

There hasn’t been a great deal of pedaling happening. I’m currently hovering at about 205lb ( I was never a tiny lass) which is about 4lbs up on my normal weight. How I do not know, I’m an eating macheen.

Anyway, the not pedaling, how did that happen? Well it started with a bit pain and discomfort, which led to a week off til I could see the physio. She gave me a giant tubigauze which was great. But then I had a little bit work out all weekend delivering leaflets ( yup, 5 month pregnant and you realise my mate Phillll is right, nuts. ) followed by the kind of weather that usually wouldn’t stop me but I’m not that crazy. Add that to the fact that my babysitters heavily pregnant and even the sacred Saturday was out for now. Oh well, I’ve still got the turbo and a pair of feet.

So, I haven’t stopped pedaling yet, this is temporary. Best go drag the turbo out…


Hey There

December 4, 2010

I missed you.