Pimp My Snack

I cannot stop eating. I’m so incredibly hungry. I’m on the second breakfast of the day right now (toast). ~Argh.  Oh well, I’ve decided not to care.

I’m planning on actually making it to tonights turbo session, I’ve missed like the last 4 or something due to work and evil weather (my car has no heating even if it is a tank). I’m quite looking forward to it though my heart rate monitor is dead 😦 Oh and I’m not sure how the saddle is going to feel now, it’s a more comfortable saddle than my tourer anyway.

Lets see if the road bike still fits then. I really fancy a ride out with the club on Saturday too. Any-one offering to babysit?

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4 Comments on “Pimp My Snack”

  1. Since returning to work, my stomach thinks my throat’s cut. By 11 every morning I’m dying inside. But I’m determined to get back to 3 square meals a day. On the good news front. I only added 2lbs over Christmas so the lack of grazing should see that disappear soon. But, I do have a gut to shift so some core exercises will be in order when I can BA.

  2. Wowy Says:

    I’ve gained like 5lbs in a week. Still, makes up for the lack of weight gain previously eh? go have a pastry. How can anyone survive on 3 meals a day? I have like 4,5, sometimes 6. mmmmmmm foood.

  3. I just polished off my final portion of Christmas Soup. Mmmmm, soup.

    • Wowy Says:

      Mmmmm soup. Of course it’s only great soup if it’s accompanied by lashings of bread and butter. Real butter, none of that crappy synthetic stuff….

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