I’ve magically gained like 6lbs in 18 days. I’m suddenly permanently sleepy, 2 hour nap every afternoon and I’m still ready for bed by eight thirty. Well this sucks. I’m wondering if it’s all a bit blood sugar related, I really should hunt my kit out and check but still, I have to be at the hospital tomorrow to get bloods taken and have an extra growth scan so if there is a problem they’ll pick it up.

Bikey and exercise wise I have to say it’s telling. I just can’t be a**ed. it’s been too icy to ride far and getting to the gym just hasn’t appealed. I have to admit to sneaking go’s on the JC’s Wii fit though. It’s not exactly strenuous exercise but it’s still leaving me ready for bed now and again and has to be better than nothing.

Champion Danny is leading this Saturdays club ride and my lovely sister has said she’ll babysit so I’m aiming to get out on the bike anyway. Anyone fancy joining me, this ride may (or may not…) be my last?

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2 Comments on “Whinging”

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  2. Hang in there girl!

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