The Last Bike Ride

Ha! Made you look.

I plan on at least attempting the club ride tomorrow. It’s been while since I’ve done any distance but I at least plan on making it to the cafe stop. At almost 7 months pregnant I strongly suspect it may be my last Saturday ride for a long time and I hope someone will keep my company despite my super slowness of late. That would be fab. Anyway, I have to check just how comfortable the road bike still is tonight (it’s fit astonishingly well so far) otherwise I’ll be taking the tourer which means 1) I’ll be even slower and 2) I’ll have to fanny about swapping saddles.

On the list of things they don’t really tell you about pregnancy is that my cycling shoes are a little tighter than usual too though my fat kit from last winter still fits!

I really miss my bike. 😦 The weather which wouldn’t have usually bothered me has kept me off the saddle except for the odd trip to work on the tourer. OOh, on the good news front I have the BEST friends. Who would say no to a free mountain bike? Not me.. I picked one up today thanks to a good friend and I’m chuffed to bits. I’ve wanted one for aaaaages. yay.

So, I’d love some company tomorrow, especially if you don’t mind keeping super slow me company. Fancy it?

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4 Comments on “The Last Bike Ride”

  1. PhilR Says:

    You may be 7 months pregnant but you’re still way ahead of me. Day off yesterday but shitty chest meant I stayed off the bike 😦
    I’d slow cycle with you tomorrow if you can get someone to do my duty for me πŸ™‚

  2. Sue Says:

    Good on you for doing a Saturday ride at 7 months pg. I wish I could be there as I would keep you company (me and my January legs, that is!) I’m doing a final hilly ride in Teesdale tomoro before moving to the flatlands of Lincs. Hope the Cyclone’s on your calendar!!! Enjoy tomoro xxxxx

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