Insulin, Swimming and 9 weeks Left.

See, I’m huuuge! ha.

Anyway I’ve arranged a ride with a recently joined lady club member for Sunday so I’m really looking forward to that. If anyone else fancies a leisurely ride just shout.

In other news I think maybe I’ve given up on the turbo, oddly it hurts less to ride than to walk right now but it’s still painful on the crotch when turboing so why bother?

More news… I had my first encounter with insulin today. I’m on a tiny dose for now. I could have held off but if even a sandwich is doing silly things to my blood sugar levels I guess I’d need it eventually anyway so it seemed pointless to put it off. I gave myself my first jab this morning and what a difference it made. It doesn’t hurt in the slightest and I got to eat a slice of bread with my soup. mmmmm bread. Sounds daft but what a feeling. I’ll let you know how  I get on anyway though because it’s definitely a get your head around it thing.

Ooh, I went for a swim today, I used to swim once or twice a week a year or two ago generally managing 60 lengths in an hour but I just got out of the habit. Well I’m getting bored of all of this sitting around so got my costume on and went to the pool. 30 lengths in half an hour. I wasn’t expecting that. I’m pleased though. I like swimming, not as much as pedalling but still…

How’s your day been?

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17 Comments on “Insulin, Swimming and 9 weeks Left.”

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  2. Bob Melrose Says:

    Lovely piccy and it was nice to see you looking so ‘bloomin’ on Saturday.

    My day (yesterday) was great cos it was 9 weeks to the day that I crashed and bust my collar bone. So on bike (in very similar clear and frosty weather conditions) to revisit scene. Slightly apprehensive, so I didn’t exactly ride the downhill ‘s’ bend that skittled me off, but came through unscathed.

    ps What time are you setting off on Sunday?

  3. You’re not huge, you’re pregnant! And if I may be so bold look blinkin’ great! Oh and no gloves??????? Hard core or what????????

  4. sasha berry Says:

    It seems like you’re doing great, good luck with the insulin, sounds like its levelling you out a bit and the swimming will be better all round on your bits and bobs till you drop the kid and its more my thing than the cycling, only follow it because of him and found many interesting people through the blogs he follows.

    • Wowy Says:

      aye, he is a bit obsessed like 😉 . I’m not giving up on the cycling though, as long as one of the (many) bikes fits then I’ll be pedalling, it’s actually a lot less painful than walking is for some reason. The only issue I have with the swimming is that it’s a bit tedious.

  5. Super Al Says:

    you look good in orange!!!

  6. Angi Says:

    Wow. Just discovered your blog.
    I am super impressed that you have continued to cycle so far into your pregnancy.
    Sorry to hear that you’ve developed diabetes. Hopefully it will resolve itself after you give birth.


    • Wowy Says:

      Thanks, it’s nice to meet you. I wasn’t expecting to still be at it, every ride is just a bonus. The diabetes wasn’t unexpected and it’s really no huge deal, you just have to get on with it I guess. The up side I guess is that I have to watch what I eat, makes it hard to gain any unnecessary weight.

  7. Insulin. It’s a p.o.p. 🙂

    • Wowy Says:

      I know, I did have beans for breakfast today, makes a change from an egg. Could have done with more insulin, still that’s easy sorted.

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