I Rode a Bike Today

Because I know how to party.

I’d arranged to meet new friend Tanya and Bobbo In Ponteland this morning. It was warm in my little bed and I was sorely tempted to stay there but I said I’d go so I did. Driving through Stannington on the way there the sky fell in, again I was tempted to turn back. I passed soo many cyclists on the way though. I just couldn’t believe it. Tonnes of them, and runners too! No wonder the gyms are empty, they’re all outside!

Anyway, turned up at Poppys to find a total of 6 other riders waiting. Crazy people. Anyway, in the cold and wet we were looking for good crack and a nice cuppa so we headed the 10 miles or so to Matfen Hall. It’s a nice ride out but it drags upwards just slightly enough to convince you that you are on the flat and going badly. I was ready for that cuppa even after just 10 miles. On the way back though it’s soo much fun, if you wished you could maybe pedal once or twice but otherwise? Freeeeeewheeeeeel….. 😀

So yes, that was my day. Then home to a hot bath, insulin, chicken sandwich, orange juice and a nice sit down. I feel as though that was my last ride but I’ve felt that way before so I doubt it. 🙂

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7 Comments on “I Rode a Bike Today”

  1. PhilR Says:

    Nice one. I went to Seaton Delaval Hall today, family day out. Now I am supposed to be answering questions about myself but this distracted me 😉 I really should have been out on my bike today, I did have an hour spare but…

    I think January may be over by the time I get out, yet another month that you have pedalled more than I have, even when you have an excuse not to if you don’t want to 🙂

    • Wowy Says:

      Get yourself some lights, give me a call and Voila, miles logged. To be fair I’ve only logged about 57 miles this month, no way am I making the hundred.

  2. Angi Says:

    I absolutely love that you are pregnant and still cycling!
    Freewheeling down hill (even a slight one) is pretty awesome. I always make sure to kick my feet up in the air and enjoy…even if I do look slightly crazy to everyone else. Fun comes first.


    • Wowy Says:

      You have to shout “wheeeeeeee” though. 52 mph is my record so far……

      • Angi Says:

        Ooh…I’ve never gone that fast. My best has been 35mph down the Bayswater Road (always cut short by cars and buses).
        I need to find me a big hill clearly…or work the pedals harder. 🙂

        • Wowy Says:

          A big hill, much easier than pedalling. 🙂 That was a one off in ideal conditions and I most importantly was not up the duff. I’m not that crazy. Honest.

  3. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Mel Wilson, Carrie Foster. Carrie Foster said: wants all to see you don't have to stop your life just cos yer up the duff, u can if you want though. 😀 http://www.notthewowy.co.uk/?p=1418 […]

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