The Nasty

The title just amused me. Well, not much riding happening but since I’ve been on the insulin I’ve felt a bit more energetic. Yesterday I wandered the streets instead. That was a good bit of walking which I really enjoyed (oddly, walking is booooring). Just wanted to say Hi really. so Hi, how are you?

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10 Comments on “The Nasty”

  1. Bob Melrose Says:

    Hi Carrie,

    I’m fine,but a little pissed off as I couldn’t get into my cycle spinning class today. Bloody ‘January’s’.
    Enjoyed our little tootle out to Matfen on Sunday, but methinks it is still too cold and damp to be out cycling in this country. Might consider hibernation from next December, or possibly part-time emigration (is that what migration is?).

    Bobbo (is that my new ‘pet’ name?)

  2. Doesn’t the scenery move really slowly when you’re walking *yawn* ?

    I’m good thanks. Off out on t’bike tonight for my TuesdayNightAutopilot Loop. Needless to say, Mother(fecker) Nature knows about my plans so it’s raining.

    Roll on the lighter evenings: I like the dark now I have a biiig light, but I want the tea stop at Hollingworth Lake to be open when I get there. Trouble is, all the peds and dog walkers come out when the evenings are lighter, slowing me down. Where do the dogs poo all winter long, eh?

    • Wowy Says:

      I’ve always thought walking was a gloriously inefficient form of transport like but when desperate it does. I could not ride the same loop over and over again, I’d keel over with boredom.

  3. I’m not spamming you – honest. It’s just I don’t know what to say about walking… is that like slow running?

  4. Wowy Says:

    It’s like running backwards but the fuel is cheaper than a cars.

  5. Hi to you too lass… 🙂

  6. Robin Crampton Says:

    Hi Carrie walking is like slow running, in fact for me these days its the same thing. I keep trying to go out and run again, remembering how much I used to enjoy it. But these day I’m so slow old ladies walk past me. You cover much more ground on a bike, so if the scenery is boring, there’ll but some new along in a short while.

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