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12 Miles and The Plans

February 27, 2011

So yesterday I got to ride my bike a bit. It went like this:

I got up, dithered about my insulin dose, gave myself 2/3 of a normal breakfast dose (really didn’t fancy a hypo on 2 wheels when I’m still using clipless pedals), got dressed, packed the car, roused the child, dropped him off, drove to Ogle which is about 7 miles from this weeks cafe stop and had a cold, wet, slightly uphill, windy ride to Bolam. What was I thinking? Why am I doing this? Why didn’t I wear my rain jacket, what possessed me to thing my thermal jacket was enough? Am I lost yet? And yet I carried on, it was nice. Honestly, pootling along very slowly on my todd. It’s a feeling I enjoy and one that I’ve kind of missed. I’d left myself far too much time though and arrived at Bolam Stables a fair bit before everyone else, then everyone arrived in dribs and drabs and I sat there till the end. Still, I had a lovely ride back to Ogle with the last few club members, I really miss the super funness of group riding. So, about 12 miles which at one time would have been a stroll but left me happily tired and feeling great. There’s nothing like that special calmness I get from a bike ride.

Yesterday was a bit of a thoughtful time for me. There’s only 3 weeks left, then I have to wait for the surgery to heal. What do I want next? Well, I want to ride my bike. Dur. Actually it’s difficult to say. My son is 6 now and life was different then, I have no idea how my larger family is going to affect my life but I know it will. I’m going to break it into 3.

Definately Do, hell or high water: Northern Rock Cyclone with friend Sue who I miss terribly.

Gonna work my butt off for: Another 2 stone off (hills!!!!!!)

Pipe Dream: I’d love a sub 30 ten but lets face it, that would be a miracle, still it does no harm to dream does it?


Bike Bike Bike :D

February 25, 2011

Bike tomorrow. 🙂 a small one but you know, with three weeks till the section I’ll take a ten ish mile ride. I’ve always enjoyed our club’s Saturday social ride but I haven’t been able to keep up/get a babysitter for a long while. My lovely lovely sister’s babysitting tomorrow so I’ve put some diesel in the car for the first time in about 2 weeks and have found some kit that (probably) fits. It seems like a lot of excitement for a little bike ride, 10 maybe 20 miles at most but having to check all of the oh so fun diabetic contingency supplies and stuff and I am excited alright?!

I’m really looking forward to seeing my clubmates and riding my bike, the biggrin feeling. never seems to leave you does it? Do you think this means I can have cake at the cafe stop?

Fine Day to Tempt Fate

February 11, 2011

After the pain endured on a fairly short waddle to my sister in laws and back and a quick call to my lovely diabetic specialist midwife (kinda, she wasn’t in and some other nice midwife talked to me) I had decided that if I couldn’t walk a mile without enduring a stitch then I should really call it a day with the pedals and just sit on my bum for the next five weeks. (well 2 ish… after that starts the 3+ weekly visits to hospital for monitoring till the section on the 22nd March. Yay). Anyway, I had a point. Oh yeah, I need to pop to my Grandmas It’s raining and the car has no heating at all. Go on, have a guess how I’m getting there? Figure it’s actually less effort to take a slow pedal on the tourer than to walk with that awful stitch. ( I only have one walking speed, a march that I cannot seem to slow no matter what). I’m a cracker huh?


February 4, 2011

I’m huuuge. Where did that come from? Is it wrong that I’m sat here thinking “I wonder if I still fit on the road bike?” 47 days before it’s all over.