Fine Day to Tempt Fate

After the pain endured on a fairly short waddle to my sister in laws and back and a quick call to my lovely diabetic specialist midwife (kinda, she wasn’t in and some other nice midwife talked to me) I had decided that if I couldn’t walk a mile without enduring a stitch then I should really call it a day with the pedals and just sit on my bum for the next five weeks. (well 2 ish… after that starts the 3+ weekly visits to hospital for monitoring till the section on the 22nd March. Yay). Anyway, I had a point. Oh yeah, I need to pop to my Grandmas It’s raining and the car has no heating at all. Go on, have a guess how I’m getting there? Figure it’s actually less effort to take a slow pedal on the tourer than to walk with that awful stitch. ( I only have one walking speed, a march that I cannot seem to slow no matter what). I’m a cracker huh?

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3 Comments on “Fine Day to Tempt Fate”

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  2. Angi Says:

    Can’t say it enough…but I absolutely love that you are still cycling.
    And yes…a slow cycle is much less painful than a fast paced march.

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