The bike has earned a reprieve.

Posted January 17, 2011 by notthewowy
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Or I have. I did make it out on Saturday. It was a bit damp and very windy, the forecast had it at wind speed of about 20mph with some stronger gusts. It may have been grey but it wasn’t horribly cold. So, a lovely but exercisy 21 miles with no sore backs at an average of about 11 mph. I can live with that. It was far more than I thought I could manage, I’ve not been riding much at all over the last 2 months. There are no words that can describe how much I get out of a good bike ride. I was left feeling calm and grinny and for the first time in weeks I slept all of Saturday night. So, circumstances permitting, I’m not retiring yet.


Handlebars of DOOM

Posted January 15, 2011 by notthewowy
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Yup, this bike is going in the shed after today. I’m well tickled by the minor adjustment I made last night:

Yes my kitchen is that messy and yes, I do know it’s wobbly but check it out. Can you spot it? My bump doesn’t hit the saddle and it gives me just that tiny bit more uprightness so I can live with that.

Anyway, I don’t know if I can do this. I’m going to try though, I know the way home so it wont kill me but I’d like to see people who don’t live in my house and stuff so you gotta try eh?

The Last Bike Ride

Posted January 14, 2011 by notthewowy
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Ha! Made you look.

I plan on at least attempting the club ride tomorrow. It’s been while since I’ve done any distance but I at least plan on making it to the cafe stop. At almost 7 months pregnant I strongly suspect it may be my last Saturday ride for a long time and I hope someone will keep my company despite my super slowness of late. That would be fab. Anyway, I have to check just how comfortable the road bike still is tonight (it’s fit astonishingly well so far) otherwise I’ll be taking the tourer which means 1) I’ll be even slower and 2) I’ll have to fanny about swapping saddles.

On the list of things they don’t really tell you about pregnancy is that my cycling shoes are a little tighter than usual too though my fat kit from last winter still fits!

I really miss my bike. 😦 The weather which wouldn’t have usually bothered me has kept me off the saddle except for the odd trip to work on the tourer. OOh, on the good news front I have the BEST friends. Who would say no to a free mountain bike? Not me.. I picked one up today thanks to a good friend and I’m chuffed to bits. I’ve wanted one for aaaaages. yay.

So, I’d love some company tomorrow, especially if you don’t mind keeping super slow me company. Fancy it?

I could cry

Posted January 13, 2011 by notthewowy
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I was at the hospital yesterday for a growth scan. She’s fine. I’m not so much. I’m definitely diabetic. I have already cried, I still am off and on. I also got a pretty well deserved telling off. I’ve had this overwhelming urge to eat crap. And I have been. It’s hard to admit to falling but I did and I think it’s right that I admit to it. I wish I didn’t have to and I wish I hadn’t done it but wishing gets you nowhere does it?

So yesterday was pin cushion Carrie day, 4 different needles, one in each elbow, one in my left arm and one in my butt. yay me. I used to have an horrific fear of needles, truly and I’m still not a huge fan like. So yes, yesterday was a horrible day. Especially since there’s a strong possibility that I may need insulin treatment this time round. God the thought makes me cry. I was awake at half three this morning and I’m still awake. Imagine my joy when my sensible breakfast produced a high reading.

Using insulin apparently means a 38 week section which in itself doesn’t bother me. having the Junior Cyclist by section was a wonderful experience but it means I may be off my bike for a long time. Spending any longer on the sofa than I have to does not appeal.

Thanks for listening, I’m ok, we’re ok and I can cope but today I feel down and I know telling you helps.


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I’ve magically gained like 6lbs in 18 days. I’m suddenly permanently sleepy, 2 hour nap every afternoon and I’m still ready for bed by eight thirty. Well this sucks. I’m wondering if it’s all a bit blood sugar related, I really should hunt my kit out and check but still, I have to be at the hospital tomorrow to get bloods taken and have an extra growth scan so if there is a problem they’ll pick it up.

Bikey and exercise wise I have to say it’s telling. I just can’t be a**ed. it’s been too icy to ride far and getting to the gym just hasn’t appealed. I have to admit to sneaking go’s on the JC’s Wii fit though. It’s not exactly strenuous exercise but it’s still leaving me ready for bed now and again and has to be better than nothing.

Champion Danny is leading this Saturdays club ride and my lovely sister has said she’ll babysit so I’m aiming to get out on the bike anyway. Anyone fancy joining me, this ride may (or may not…) be my last?

Hey There

Posted January 8, 2011 by notthewowy
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I didn’t go to turbo. I didn’t go to the gym. The owie in my leg hurts so much that I’ve even taken some paracetamol ( I know, I’m hardcore). I’m not going to meet the club ride for lunch either so nee ner nee ner nee ner. I’m a lazy moo.

Pimp My Snack

Posted January 6, 2011 by notthewowy
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I cannot stop eating. I’m so incredibly hungry. I’m on the second breakfast of the day right now (toast). ~Argh.  Oh well, I’ve decided not to care.

I’m planning on actually making it to tonights turbo session, I’ve missed like the last 4 or something due to work and evil weather (my car has no heating even if it is a tank). I’m quite looking forward to it though my heart rate monitor is dead 😦 Oh and I’m not sure how the saddle is going to feel now, it’s a more comfortable saddle than my tourer anyway.

Lets see if the road bike still fits then. I really fancy a ride out with the club on Saturday too. Any-one offering to babysit?