What Is There To Say?

Turns out riding with a hangover isn’t the worst thing ever. It also turns out that the people I ride with, which in todays weather was pretty much the week in week out core, are the sweetest, loveliest, freindliest people I have ever known.

I rode in feeling pretty rough though I somehow managed a 14 mph average to Anna’s where a friend I hadn’t seen for a few weeks was to lead the ride. It was obvious that I wasn’t one hundred per cent, Brian could not have handled that situation better, even giving me directions when I opted to leave the group and head direction for the cafe. After some gentle chat, coffee and a sandwich the group rode back at a steady pace, I felt better and stayed at the back chatting to Bob Melrose and Champion Danny. Well, till Champion Danny said “race ya..” yeah right… I wandered up to chat to my friend And, but that didn’t last, he chose that moment to instigate the weekly pee-ing contest, that was really good fun to watch though I’m not sure who won…I do have to tell you that a good sprint is an excellent hangover treatment though.

Anyway, sitting back at Anna’s having a chat when some very classic bikes rolled up… And took some photos. I’ll post them in the morning. Though there was no Saturday journal photo, it just slipped my mind.

I cannot stress strongly enough how glad I am to be a member of the worlds friendliest cycling club. These are people around whom I can be myself and still feel normal. The longer I know these people the more I am asking myself “what can I do to help? How can I contribute?”

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