12 Miles and The Plans

Posted February 27, 2011 by notthewowy
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So yesterday I got to ride my bike a bit. It went like this:

I got up, dithered about my insulin dose, gave myself 2/3 of a normal breakfast dose (really didn’t fancy a hypo on 2 wheels when I’m still using clipless pedals), got dressed, packed the car, roused the child, dropped him off, drove to Ogle which is about 7 miles from this weeks cafe stop and had a cold, wet, slightly uphill, windy ride to Bolam. What was I thinking? Why am I doing this? Why didn’t I wear my rain jacket, what possessed me to thing my thermal jacket was enough? Am I lost yet? And yet I carried on, it was nice. Honestly, pootling along very slowly on my todd. It’s a feeling I enjoy and one that I’ve kind of missed. I’d left myself far too much time though and arrived at Bolam Stables a fair bit before everyone else, then everyone arrived in dribs and drabs and I sat there till the end. Still, I had a lovely ride back to Ogle with the last few club members, I really miss the super funness of group riding. So, about 12 miles which at one time would have been a stroll but left me happily tired and feeling great. There’s nothing like that special calmness I get from a bike ride.

Yesterday was a bit of a thoughtful time for me. There’s only 3 weeks left, then I have to wait for the surgery to heal. What do I want next? Well, I want to ride my bike. Dur. Actually it’s difficult to say. My son is 6 now and life was different then, I have no idea how my larger family is going to affect my life but I know it will. I’m going to break it into 3.

Definately Do, hell or high water: Northern Rock Cyclone with friend Sue who I miss terribly.

Gonna work my butt off for: Another 2 stone off (hills!!!!!!)

Pipe Dream: I’d love a sub 30 ten but lets face it, that would be a miracle, still it does no harm to dream does it?


Bike Bike Bike :D

Posted February 25, 2011 by notthewowy
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Bike tomorrow. 🙂 a small one but you know, with three weeks till the section I’ll take a ten ish mile ride. I’ve always enjoyed our club’s Saturday social ride but I haven’t been able to keep up/get a babysitter for a long while. My lovely lovely sister’s babysitting tomorrow so I’ve put some diesel in the car for the first time in about 2 weeks and have found some kit that (probably) fits. It seems like a lot of excitement for a little bike ride, 10 maybe 20 miles at most but having to check all of the oh so fun diabetic contingency supplies and stuff and I am excited alright?!

I’m really looking forward to seeing my clubmates and riding my bike, the biggrin feeling. never seems to leave you does it? Do you think this means I can have cake at the cafe stop?

Fine Day to Tempt Fate

Posted February 11, 2011 by notthewowy
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After the pain endured on a fairly short waddle to my sister in laws and back and a quick call to my lovely diabetic specialist midwife (kinda, she wasn’t in and some other nice midwife talked to me) I had decided that if I couldn’t walk a mile without enduring a stitch then I should really call it a day with the pedals and just sit on my bum for the next five weeks. (well 2 ish… after that starts the 3+ weekly visits to hospital for monitoring till the section on the 22nd March. Yay). Anyway, I had a point. Oh yeah, I need to pop to my Grandmas It’s raining and the car has no heating at all. Go on, have a guess how I’m getting there? Figure it’s actually less effort to take a slow pedal on the tourer than to walk with that awful stitch. ( I only have one walking speed, a march that I cannot seem to slow no matter what). I’m a cracker huh?


Posted February 4, 2011 by notthewowy
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I’m huuuge. Where did that come from? Is it wrong that I’m sat here thinking “I wonder if I still fit on the road bike?” 47 days before it’s all over.

The Nasty

Posted January 25, 2011 by notthewowy
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The title just amused me. Well, not much riding happening but since I’ve been on the insulin I’ve felt a bit more energetic. Yesterday I wandered the streets instead. That was a good bit of walking which I really enjoyed (oddly, walking is booooring). Just wanted to say Hi really. so Hi, how are you?

I Rode a Bike Today

Posted January 23, 2011 by notthewowy
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Because I know how to party.

I’d arranged to meet new friend Tanya and Bobbo In Ponteland this morning. It was warm in my little bed and I was sorely tempted to stay there but I said I’d go so I did. Driving through Stannington on the way there the sky fell in, again I was tempted to turn back. I passed soo many cyclists on the way though. I just couldn’t believe it. Tonnes of them, and runners too! No wonder the gyms are empty, they’re all outside!

Anyway, turned up at Poppys to find a total of 6 other riders waiting. Crazy people. Anyway, in the cold and wet we were looking for good crack and a nice cuppa so we headed the 10 miles or so to Matfen Hall. It’s a nice ride out but it drags upwards just slightly enough to convince you that you are on the flat and going badly. I was ready for that cuppa even after just 10 miles. On the way back though it’s soo much fun, if you wished you could maybe pedal once or twice but otherwise? Freeeeeewheeeeeel….. 😀

So yes, that was my day. Then home to a hot bath, insulin, chicken sandwich, orange juice and a nice sit down. I feel as though that was my last ride but I’ve felt that way before so I doubt it. 🙂

Insulin, Swimming and 9 weeks Left.

Posted January 18, 2011 by notthewowy
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See, I’m huuuge! ha.

Anyway I’ve arranged a ride with a recently joined lady club member for Sunday so I’m really looking forward to that. If anyone else fancies a leisurely ride just shout.

In other news I think maybe I’ve given up on the turbo, oddly it hurts less to ride than to walk right now but it’s still painful on the crotch when turboing so why bother?

More news… I had my first encounter with insulin today. I’m on a tiny dose for now. I could have held off but if even a sandwich is doing silly things to my blood sugar levels I guess I’d need it eventually anyway so it seemed pointless to put it off. I gave myself my first jab this morning and what a difference it made. It doesn’t hurt in the slightest and I got to eat a slice of bread with my soup. mmmmm bread. Sounds daft but what a feeling. I’ll let you know how  I get on anyway though because it’s definitely a get your head around it thing.

Ooh, I went for a swim today, I used to swim once or twice a week a year or two ago generally managing 60 lengths in an hour but I just got out of the habit. Well I’m getting bored of all of this sitting around so got my costume on and went to the pool. 30 lengths in half an hour. I wasn’t expecting that. I’m pleased though. I like swimming, not as much as pedalling but still…

How’s your day been?